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Our production

We want to be transparent with how our garments are manufactured. You as a customer should feel confident that animals, nature and humans are treated well throughout the manufacturing process. We take you on an inspiring journey from the origin of the fiber to the finished knitted garment. 


We only work with companies whose values are in line with ours and work almost exclusively with European yarn manufacturers and knitting factories. This is the best alternative from an environmental perspective to shorten transport. With our niche in knitted exclusive fashion, the Italian yarn suppliers are the given first choice. No one knows yarn like them and it is from Italy that we buy most of our qualities. Our industrial knitted garments are knitted in two European factories. One in Bulgaria and one in Lithuania. For us, it feels good to benefit the textile industry in these countries as more and more companies move their production to Asia.

Photographer: Marco Giberti

Unique hand-knitted

We are extra proud of our hand-knitted collection, always made of exclusive natural materials. Here, each garment is unique and a personal signature of a knitter becomes a guarantee that no one wears exactly the same garment. The garments are only made on a small scale and can be compared to a work of art. The garments are knitted by Bulgarian women with great craftsmanship. Most of these women are older and uneducated. Hand knitting is a good opportunity for an extra income for them.