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Take care of your garment

Garments in natural materials have a long life if they are cared for properly. Knitted garments in natural materials do not need to be washed as often. Often it is enough to just ventilate and gently wipe off any stains. Feel free to hang the garment out in humid weather, then the fiber will rise and the garment will be given new life. A big advantage of different types of wool fiber is that they repel foreign substances and so also stains, which makes it easy to keep the knitted garment clean. Grease stains are removed by dusting on potato flour and letting it draw out the fat for a while and then brushing off the flour. Avoid hanging out in strong sunlight.


Always keep your knitted garment lying down, preferably together with some means that keeps moths and fur angels away.


When it is still time for washing, it is important to use a gentle detergent and adhere to the specified washing temperature. Feel free to wash the garment separately. Put the garment in a laundry bag or pillowcase if it is washed on a wool program in a washing machine. Do not use fabric softener. Squeeze out the water by rolling it in a terry towel and squeezing out the water. Dry the garment by placing it in its proper shape on a towel. Feel free to change the towel and air / shake the garment if it is thick and takes a long time to dry.


Natural materials are alive and can get messy over time. Keep the surface nice by removing pimples by hand or with a wool comb / wool brush. Fuzzy garments in mohair, alpaca or angora can be brushed up if you want a more bushy surface.


Woolen clothes that have been washed at too high a temperature or too many garments together are unfortunately shrinking. However, there is an opportunity to stretch it out a bit. Put the shrunken garment in a water bath (max. 30 ° C) with hair conditioner for about 30 - 60 min. Then gently stretch the garment so that it becomes larger. The conditioner has the same effect on felted wool as on tangled hair; it sorts it out.