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Our story

Strikk is a family business run by mother and two daughters, raised and living on a small car-free island in the Gothenburg archipelago. Between 1997 and 2017, we ran the popular knitting shop Strikk in Gothenburg. After the store was closed, a new vision emerged to manufacture exclusive knitwear under its own brand and in 2019, Strikk was launched on the Swedish fashion market.

We love knitting and want to invite you to a world of exciting knitted fashion. With its roots in the knitted craft and with a free view of fashion, we offer a completely unique concept of knitting. Here, traditional knitting patterns are mixed with new exciting trends. We want each garment to evoke emotions through colors, shapes and surfaces. In Strikk's garments, you should feel comfortable and unique. We want to inspire women to dare to dress personally and stand out regardless of age. The company rests on an ethical foundation with sustainability in focus.    

We love the knitted craft with exciting natural materials and advocate small-scale fashion and slow fashion. Today, there is a large overconsumption in the fashion world that we want to counteract by only making garments of the highest quality that will last a long time. There is a great social commitment in the family for vulnerable people and we are passionate about helping vulnerable people to a better life.